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Engage with CME to give your business the EXPERT Strategic Leadership that you require to grow.  Whether your business is already in the #GOVCON space or you want to learn how to tap into the  $650B spending with the nation's defense contractors, CME can position you for the next big win!


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Small Business Profiles show the United States is home to 32.5 million small businesses employing 46.8% of the private workforce. The US government spends approximately $10.1 Trillion dollars with US based businesses. the federal government spends 26 percent of its contracting budget on small businesses (a total of $145.7 billion), exceeding its goal of 23 percent.  At CME, we want to show you how to be successful in #GOVCON and how you can bring a portion of the small business spending back to your company and your community.

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We provide full lifecycle services for Small Business that are current government contractors or commercial companies wanting to develop #Govcon strategies